Engineers Lunch Time

A selection of things which I find interesting.

If you find yourself with some free time over lunch, why not have a look around.

An interesting video if you are chasing a “want”

What a lovely life with amazing craftsmanship.

A rocket launch as seen from a plane…

Ferrari F40 Le Mans, driven my a man in Loafers. Cant get any better sound in any motor vehicle and just the shear “retro-ness” of a man with no safety equipment driving fast on a track.

An couple of pieces of incredible architecture, that if you have not seen before, should these should be seen.


Matthew McCaunghey gave a speech at the University of Houston, which is well worth 45mins of your life.

During a Rally. Gilles Panizzi completed some doughnuts, just to please the crowd. He didn’t need to and it cost him time in the race, but he did it, just for the fans.

I have climbed this mountain in Norway. Its a shear 600m drop to the water below. To do a DJ set up there is quite spectacular.

After being a professional test driver and having many laps (300 plus) around the ‘ring. Seeing this amazing piece of technology, and unrestricted beast do what it is meant to do, is very satisfying.


Some wise words with a stunning video.