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Ben Asks: What is the Pareto Principle?

Life can be completely chaotic. Understanding where our time, energy and resources go and use this information to our own benefit ourselves, could be the key to taking back control. Understanding the 80/20 law is a wonderful way to explain life in better detail. Vilfredo Pareto is a hero of mine. He is a person … Continue reading

Ben Asks: How do you manage fear?

Fear can be a positive or negative influence in your life. Manage it well and it can guide you to safety. Manage it badly and it can paralyse you and hold you back from achieving your wildest dreams. Overcoming fear usually means staring it right in the face without blinking. It’s not an easy skill … Continue reading

Ben Asks: How do you manage failure?

Failure is one of the most normal things in business, science and engineering. Yet in life, it brings us down, tears us apart and makes us negative towards others. Why? Failing sucks, right? I’ve been fired from a job, crashed a car and flunked numerous exams.  If I listed all my failures, you would probably … Continue reading

Ben Asks: Do you need to get debt free?

Money, it makes the world go round, but for the vast majority of us, we learn how to handle finances through trial and error—mistakes that can be super costly and affect our mental attitudes, relationships and future life plans. By far the biggest change in my life has been my attitude towards money. I wasn’t … Continue reading

Ben Asks: Is your life organised?

If life feels a bit too chaotic and it’s threatening to overwhelm you, perhaps the PDCA Cycle can help. It’s so easy to look at our lives and think of something to improve. I looked at my muffin tops this morning and thought, “jeez, I need to sort that out”, because nobody is perfect. The … Continue reading

Ben Explains: Root Cause Analysis

All too often we get distracted dealing with the symptoms of our issues, rather than the root causes. Today we’ll discuss Root Cause Analysis and learn how to channel precious energy and time into making more progress. More progress equals more productivity. Engineering can be defined as ‘The action of artfully bringing something about’.  Maybe … Continue reading

Ben Asks: Can You Engineer Your Life?

Is your life full of problems that need your constant attention? Are you struggling to be more efficient? Are you wanting to design a better life for yourself? Engineering, in its very basic form, is the field of problem solving. explains that “Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems.“ Clients … Continue reading

Ben Asks: Do you need help?

Does your work seem a bit pointless, there’s not enough money to do all the things you want to do and there’s never enough time in the week to get it all done? Are you sitting, wondering, why isn’t this easy anymore?! The master plan was laid out by our parents; get a job, get … Continue reading

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